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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Legs – and many other parts of the body – look better without hair. That may not be a universal truth, but it seems to be mostly true in our Western culture. Our business is to help you look your best, and to provide you a menu of choices to fit your personal needs. (By the way, which if these legs look best? Click here to find out how others voted!)

We offer two solutions for getting hair-free. One is permanent and one is temporary:

IPL hair removal

IPL produces permanent results after several sessions, usually 7-9. Sessions need to be spaced by 3-4 weeks, which is dictated by the recovery and growth cycle of hair follicles. Skin will be a little sensitive for about 24 hours after treatment. A few days after an IPL session, your hair will generally fall off. You should not shave 2-3 days before an IPL session.

Full-body waxing

Results are immediate but temporary – you will have hair growth two to three weeks after your waxing session. Hair needs to be a few millimeters (about an eighth of an inch) for waxing to be effective. If it’s shorter than that, you will have two choices: wait a few days for it to grow some more, or shave. When you have shaved, neither IPL nor waxing will work.

Not sure what to pick?

IPL versus waxing is a personal preference. Our waxing page lists a few reasons why some people prefer waxing. If you have no experience of either of these hair removal techniques, our estheticians can help you choose.



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