Full-body waxing

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Introducing full-body waxing

Full-body waxing is now available as an option to permanent hair removal with IPL. With waxing, you will be instantly hair-free. Unlike shaving – which simply cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin – waxing pulls the hair out with the root. After shaving, stubble will appear within approximately 24 hours. Waxing will leave you hair-free for much longer, usually up to about a week.

Waxing versus IPL

Waxing or IPL is a matter of personal choice. Here are some considerations when you decide.

  • Tanned or very dark skin – IPL cannot be performed on dark or very tanned skin. People who tan very easily may prefer waxing in the summer. Waxing can be done on dark skin tones, where IPL may not be an option.
  • Very blond hair – if the hair has little or no pigmentation, the amount of energy absorbed in the follicles will be insufficient to kill them. Blondes with hair on their upper lip, for example, have to resort to waxing.
  • Instant results – you will be hair-free instantly. Going to a party tomorrow? Waxing may be an option to consider. Going to a party tonight? Shaving might be your last resort, because waxing may leave your skin a little pink a few hours immediately following the treatment.
  • Undesired hair-growth close to the eyes – IPL cannot be used within about an inch of the eyes, to protect the eyes from potential retinal damage from the flash energy. Waxing, therefore, is a great treatment for eyebrows.
  • Personal preference – perhaps you are used to waxing, or perhaps you are not interested in removing your hair permanently. It’s your skin and your choice, we’re here to give you the options.

Does it hurt?

The perception of pain is personal, but most people would agree waxing hurts a little. The sensation of waxing depends on the area and the sensitivity of the skin in that area. The skin on your upper lip is probably more sensitive than your legs, but in compensation, your upper lip is a much smaller area than your leg.

Our professional estheticians are good at getting the job done, and with as little pain as possible. After the treatment, we’ll apply a calming lotion to your skin.

Types of wax

Wax types is whole science! We use natural wax, and we have dedicated a whole page to explain the benefits. Read more about our wax here.


Our pricing model is flexible – to allow you to pick what suits you best. Check out our pricing page.




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