IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Treatment

Pay as you go pricing, $69 per zone, per session. Package pricing as low as $49.

Love your reflection again. Get back to the healthy glowing skin that you love. Our Skin Rejuvenation treatment can help you decrease sun damage, erase fine line and wrinkles, stimulate collagen and even your skin tone. Pair the IPL treatment with an Oxygen Facial for even greater results.

What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

During IPL skin rejuvenation, small pulses of light are applied to the skin—it’s then transformed into heat. This heat stimulates the creation of new elastin and collagen coils, restoring the elastic networks under the skin. The effect is increased elasticity and luminosity, as well as a light filling out of the skin. The end result is a younger, more brilliant skin that is noticeable from the first treatment!

What Should I Expect?

Over the course of a complete treatment, your skin will feel firmer and smoother, and its tone will even out. Watch your blemishes disappear, age spots and sun damage go away and fine lines fade into nothing more than a bad memory. Your skin’s texture and overall complexion will improve dramatically–and there is no down time or recovery period.

Is the treatment painful?

Tolerance levels certainly vary, but in most cases clients say they feel no pain—just a slight heat sensation that was minimal and tolerable.

Skin Analysis & Consultation

Your first visit, you will receive a free skin evaluation, and a test patch will be performed on the area of interest with our IPL machine. You will return in 24 to 48 hours for review. Before your IPL Treatment, you must avoid sun exposure (and tanning beds) for a minimum of two weeks. You must wait one month after Botox or Fillers before any IPL treatment.

Pair Your IPL Treatment for Greater Results

Oxygen Facialsskin-service1

dermaOXY facial treatments awaken and renew your skin with pure oxygen and serums which infused into the skin leaving you looking instantly younger and radiant. Only $89.


Beautiful Model Posing.Using the most advanced technology, microdermabrasion is the ideal treatment for the face and body. With genuine laser-cut diamond-tip applicators, it will exfoliate the skin surface while a gentle suction feature stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and improves blood circulation. Pair with any facial for only $39.

SkinCeuticals Professional Skin Care

Skinceuticals_small_imagePREVENT + PROTECT against the visible signs of aging. 90% of visible aging is caused by environmental damage. Sunscreens are not enough. Our new partnership with SkinCeuticals allows us to provide you with a comprehensive approach to your skin care. When you combine the SkinCeuticals at-home regimen with our advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments, not only will you see 17x greater absorption of your products, but the results will be incredible and your friends will notice.

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